Amelia Freer, Food and Me

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My relationship with food has been a difficult one. Full of love, hate, guilt, desire, confusion, joy, and pain. An all consuming romance you might say. I think about it a lot and even more so in the last couple of years when like most women I have struggled to lose baby weight. But I want to change this relationship because life is too short and I want to enjoy food not see it as my enemy. In this section I want to write about my history with food including how it has kept me company on many lonely evenings, been a comfort when I have been upset, made me ill at times and made my pregnancies very difficult as I was coeliac and never knew until I was 39. In the last two weeks I have begun a new healthy approach to food. I am doing my best to follow Nutritionist Amelia Freer’s advice. Her book is called “Eat, Nourish, Glow” and like a giant organic salmon I’m already hooked. I want to document my experience and I’m truly hoping it will breath new life into this very tired relationship food and I have. I have been on a high for the last two weeks and my concern is that once the honeymoon period is over will I still want to make green shakes and grate  sweet potato. Let’s see shall we?

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