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Yvonne Profile Wedding 2A lot of brides to be ask me about skincare tips and tricks for their big day so I thought I would share my advice with you guys as skincare is so important for everyone, not just for your wedding! Its even more important to look after your skin coming into the colder, harsher weather. Having the best skin possible means the most beautiful makeup possible.

As much as you hear and read about having a good skincare routine it is really important and the sooner you start into a good skincare routine in life the better your skin will look and feel throughout the years. Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise are the magic words! Find products that suit your skin type and as I always say to clients just because something is expensive it doesn’t always mean it’s the best!


A seperate day cream & night cream is best in my opinion as night creams are heavier and packed with ingredients specifically designed for nighttime with no makeup on top. You might also like to experiment with eye creams / gels for extra hydration for the delicate eye area. I personally just use cotton discs soaked in warm water to cleanse my face in the morning to remove any remaining night cream and natural oils as I don’t like overloading my skin with unnecessary product.


Using a facial exfoliator on cleansed skin in the shower 2-3 times a week will remove the top layer of dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother skin. Just make sure its one specifically for the face as it is gentler for the more delicate skin.


Face masks are great for the skin! There are many different types depending on your skin type and they should be used around once a week for maximum benefits. Its a really nice way to relax and unwind so its nice ‘me time’ too! Light a few candles, maybe have a bath – perfect midweek pampering 🙂


Drink plenty of water – I know this is another thing you are probably sick of hearing but it really is true! No cream can do from the outside what hydration from the inside can do. I can always tell which of my clients drink lots of water and which ones don’t! Including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet also helps a lot! If you find it hard to fit them in try juicing – its a really easy way of getting lots of goodness into you in one drink.


Wear Sun Factor! There is a continued debate as to whether or not we need to wear factor 50 on our faces every day here in Ireland! But there is no denying that wearing sun screen every day not only protects us from the sun and harmful UV rays but also helps prevent premature ageing of the skin. A lot of moisturisers have a factor 30 in them and a lot of foundations have a 15 but be smart – if you are going walking/sailing/golfing/sunbathing on hot sunny days then a factor 50 is a good idea! Burn is not a good look and it is SO bad for your skin.

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