Photoshoot Day Today by Yvonne Tiernan

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Today feels very surreal because I get to do a shoot with reknowned photographer Barry Mc Call. For years working in the music business   I would get to book Barry but only for very established acts and it was a big deal to have him work on your project as you were guaranteed an amazing shot. I’ve stood behind the scenes and watched him work never thinking it would be me in front of the camera. Today RTE have booked Barry for a promotional shoot for the launch and it’s for me! I know my hair will look amazing because Stephen Kelly from Zeba is styling it, I know my make will be beautiful because Michelle Kinsella is the best, I know the style Triona Lillis will create for me to wear will be unbelievable but right now my worry is, how will I be. I can’t pose, I really don’t like having my photo taken and I get that awkward quivers lip thing when I try to hold a smile. I also have one of those big hormonal spots I only get once a month! But it also feels like I have won a wonderful prize and I’m going to try to enjoy every single second of it. I’ve even brought this skirt I found in the attic as a kind of comfort blanket. We will post some shots from the set if my hand isn’t to shaky! 

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