Kids Picnic Breakfast

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My 3 year old likes to be very independent when eating at meal times now and something I have always found helpful is to use a kids plate with sections so they can just feed themselves easily and feel grown up. I use them for his older brother (7) and sister (8) too and they still love them. I use a tasty and and healthy as possible choice of food and always including fruit. Olives are great too, pasta pieces, toast soilders, chunks of cheese, berries, ham cubes, anything you like really. I try to mix the flavours so salty olives and sweet strawberries. I include something new when I can to encourage adventure, a new cheese or fruit or veg and then just let them go. There is a little sauce section for dipping on these ones from Cath Kidston which I love. I have used these for years now and kids to come for dinner love them too. They retail for just €7.00 on Theo calls them “Picnic Breakfasts” and I’ll post some more pics of our Picnic, breakfasts, lunches and dinners as suggestions to try. The big trick is to leave the plate in front of them and walk away so they get to choose what to do with it. Let me know how you get on with yours.

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