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Well where does one start in talking about the most special yet challenging moment I ever faced – fatherhood.

It’s two years since my pretty daughter Erin arrived into our lives, and I’m still waiting for things to settle and 8hr sleeps to return. Importantly Erin is healthy and full of energy, her entertaining personality is priceless, and her cuteness is endearing.

So what does one have to complain about?

I’ll be honest, Erin’s mum is amazing. She cooks her meals, always sorts out her clothes, bathes her, etc. All I do is give in to her cute requests for treats, allow her to do things her mother won’t let her do, buy the odd pair of shoes, comfort her at night when she wakes crying, and read her a story before she goes to sleep.

To be honest, getting 4hrs sleep I can handle. My biggest challenge is trying to be a father and husband, when totally consumed by running my own media company.

Just before Erin was born I took the giant leap and set-up my own multimedia company based on both years of experience and passion in Film, TV, Radio & Online Marketing. It has blossomed and grown bigger and faster than I could have ever imagined. However working 18hrs per day is impossible now when you’ve two ladies waiting at home for you. My dream, my ego has to be compromised.

Fatherhood 2

There is no doubt EVERYTHING changes when a little Prince/Princess arrives in your life. Your own time is not your own anymore. Going to the gym for an hour and sitting in a sauna or jacuzzi afterwards for another hour does’t happen anymore. Watching BBC4 music documentaries till 3am on a Saturday night and not getting up till lunchtime the following day doesn’t happen anymore. Going off on spur of the moment holidays and venturing out all night exploring new places and cultures are also gone. There’s a lot of ME TIME that I’ve lost or feel too guilty to have when I should be sharing the responsibility of being a parent.

There’s also a lot of WE TIME that’s been lost. As a young married couple, we only get about an hour of “couple time” before bed which isn’t even every night due to work commitments. We’re often tired, sometimes stressed, and still coming to terms with the loss of ME TIME whilst trying to find time or energy for WE TIME. Everything has changed.

But I’m not complaining. Just appreciate every day whether you’re a teenager, a partner, a parent, a grandparent, etc. No magic lasts forever. But we need to appreciate all the magic that’s still around us and growing. I love being a daddy and it gives me inner fulfilment that I never thought existed. I’m getting to live like a child again playing on the floor with toys, jumping on swings, and colouring in books. It’s all amazing, it’s all fun, it’s still a challenge, but I know I’m truly blessed. Those youthful days of independence, complete freedom and possible irresponsibility are gone, but I’ve gained more than I’ve lost despite the odd moments of nostalgia.

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