Birthday Parties by Yvonne

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As the theme was “Motherhood” for Episode 4 of “The Couch” I decided to post a piece I wrote in March about something I have learned about birthday parties in my 8 years of motherhood so far. I hope you enjoy it. Yvonne


Yesterday was my daughter’s 8th birthday. It was a great day. A handful of her closest friends and cousins on a pony trek and then back to the house for old fashioned games, silly dancing and cupcakes, finished off with a very imperfect pony head cake made with love the evening before which happened to also be Mother’s Day.

One of the many important things I have learned over the years is that a small, relaxed, imperfect party with a happy atmosphere is way better than a huge very stressful event catering to 25 children, neighbours, aunts and uncles. I used to think that was what you were meant to do! My husband had kindly reminded me during the party that as she is my eldest it was also the 8th anniversary of my becoming a mother. I can’t even remember anymore what it was like not to have these three little people to look after as they are so all consuming. My old pal Stephen had been visiting from Dublin for the weekend and instead of going out on the town as we would have before the kids were born, he sat in my kitchen making birthday decorations and advising me on icing techniques for my pony head cake. We did manage to drink rhubarb gin and tonics at the same time so some things never change. I do think becoming a mother has been such a good thing for me in many many ways. It means someone else always comes first and living that way (for the most part) every day has got to be a good way of life. Also every idea I ever had about myself gets shaken up and the challenge of that keeps you on your toes.

Happy birthday Isobel Rose. I remember the way you looked at me when I held you for the first time. It changed me forever.

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