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Perfect Lashes On A Budget by Michelle

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For all those ladies who love to flutter a few falsies these little guys are serious value for money! At just €1.50 per pack these individual lashes from Penneys are the perfect addition to your makeup look especially this festive season.
They come in three different lengths so you can choose just how fluttery you want to be, and as they come in little clusters you can add just a few at the outer corners to open up the eyes or you can build them across the whole lash line for a more defined look!

perfect lashes on a budget
My only tip with these, and false lashes in general, is to invest in some Duo Glue. It’s a far superior glue to the mini glues you get in the packs and will make your job a lot easier. Squeeze some out onto the edge of the pack when you start your makeup so by the time you go to use it it’s nice and tacky and the lashes will stick in place much easier!
 penneys eye lashes
~Michelle Kinsella~

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