“Dance Me To The End Of Love”

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“Dance Me To The End Of Love”.Why do we feel such loss when someone who’s music we loved dies? I didn’t know him personally, never had the privilege of meeting him, but I loved him from afar. As a teenager I discovered his voice & words & music in a sitting room in Bayside Boulevard North. We were politely introduced by my best friend who was already a fan. To my innocent ears he sounded like Lovemaking. He still does. I still sway to the Lala’s in “Dance Me To The End Of Love” as I did when my husband and I took our first dance as a married couple. I still smirk at the lyrics to “Tower Of Song” and my heart broke recently when I heard the opening vocal of “You Want It Darker” as he sounded so close to death. I hope death is a friend to him he has always written about it so beautifully. 

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