The Couch Psychologist Celia On Those Christmas Moments.

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We all can remember that special Christmas morning feeling, but can you remember more than a handful of the gifts that you received as a child?


What I remember most of all are my family traditions and how important those traditions are for me today:

decorating the Christmas Tree with my parents and my brother

watching TV together

playing with my cousins


Basically, being with my family and friends.



  1. Don´t stress about creating a tradition.

Just the fact that you do something every year makes it a tradition. There are so many potential Christmas traditions that you could start with your family – but try and let them evolve rather than stressing about it! Stress doesn’t make memories, it just creates disputes and tension.


  1. Keep it simple and LIVE the moment.

Remember the simple things you used to do: playing Christmas games, baking christmas cookies together or making paper chains

There is always so much to be done at Christmas, but don’t forget to take time to enjoy the preparations. These moments with your family and friends could be unforgettable!


  1. Create a meaningful conversation.

Ask your kids about their favorite Christmas memories: Sit down and talk about what Christmas means to them. You may be surprised: it might be a particular activity, food, or moment that you don´t think much about but your child thinks of it as an essential part of Christmas.


  1. Volunteer with your kids.

Taking time for family volunteering at Christmas can teach values to your children and is a great way for spending quality family time.

Volunteering teaches children about tolerance, empathy, community responsibility, gratitude and also children who volunteer are more likely to continue doing it as adults.

For example: Donate food to a food kitchen, deliver new toys or books to kids staying at the hospital, or donate toys and clothes to a charity shop.



Christmas is a feeling, it´s joy, hope and love. It´s spending time with your family, but it’s also an opportunity to teach your children the art of appreciation and gratitude… Christmas is more than just Christmas memories.

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