Mini Mind March

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Today women all over the world are marching, but I have a psychology exam paper due in so it’s a lock-in for me this weekend in my office in the garden. 

As much as I love studying this subject it feels even more important right now to be trying to understand why we humans are the way we are and how we can be part of the same species and yet so fiercely opposite too. I’m learning about how we can deal with our reactions and cope with our fears while adjusting to change. 
It also feels like a particularly good time to be specialising in child psychology and learning about how we can protect our children now and in the future. 

So although I’m not pounding the pavement in person, I am there with you ladies in spirit. I sit on my own in a “Mini Mind March” with you. Who run this world….girls! 
Yvonne x

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