I like my coffee strong and my books long…by Clare

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You know that feeling: you finish a book, and you just NEED to talk about it with someone.

You could talk to your co-workers, but they probably won’t have read it. You could send copies of the book to your friends hoping they’ll read it and share your opinion on the plot. Or you could just join a Book Club and get your monthly dose of literary discussion and wine with a bunch of other like minded people.

Now, I know there is a perception of what a Book Club looks like – a bunch of mums wearing white jeans, drinking gin and tonics and discussing The Girl on the Train. Right?

Well, yes that’s true, but it’s so much more than that too. Our Book Clubs is fun – and serious – and quirky – depending on the book, the mood and the night of the week. We’ve shared losses, worries and celebrations, and some nights we’ve ended up on the town drinking cocktails.

So really I suppose, it is not just about the books. All girls love to discuss things and offer advice. So we actually only spend a little time discussing books and even more time dissecting our lives, our choices and a whole range of other topics of interest.

Over the past few months though, we have read Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill, The Detour by Gerbrand Bakker, Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld and Holding by Graham Norton to name but a few. Every Book Club has it’s own rules, but we’re not strict – if you don’t like the book you don’t have to read it and we have no silly fines if you don’t. Sometimes 6 weeks can pass between Book Club nights.

I was always an avid reader but fell out of the habit in recent years because life just got busy. But since joining our Book Club, I’m right back in the swing of it, and read every night now. I love getting lost in a story and for me it’s a total switch off after a busy day.

Joining a Book Club has given me back a reason to sit down and read and I love it.


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