Lauren our Beautician recommends Yotuel All-In-One Toothpaste and Pen

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This award-winning toothpaste is ideal for daily use and is clinically proven to whiten your teeth. These products are designed by dentists, and contain xylitol and fluoride to help strengthen your tooth enamel whilst whitening.

I have tried a lot of tooth whitening products over the years and this is by far my favourite.
The directions state to brush your teeth 3 times daily for 3 minutes but, I have to admit I only managed twice daily brushing and it seemed to do the trick!

Yotuel Whitening Pen – is a very effective way to maintain healthy white teeth, I have had a stubborn stain in the corner of one of my teeth that I’ve been treating with the pen at night before bed, within a couple of days there was a significant difference. This product is very easy to use, twist the bottom of the pen a couple of times until you see it through the brush and apply directly onto teeth..

In my opinion if you’re looking for brighter whiter teeth without the sensitivity associated with bleaching and laser, then Yotuel all in one toothpaste and whitening pen are what you need.

So… are my teeth whiter and brighter after using these products?
Absolutely YES.

Available to buy in Haven Pharmacy Barna, and other pharmacies nationwide.
Lauren x

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