Michelle’s Top 5 Tips for picking your wedding makeup artist

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Research: This may sound obvious but do your research! Every professional makeup artist will have a website that will show a professional portfolio. Along with this most will also have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat with plenty of examples of their work.  A lot of makeup artists have their own style – some are super glam, with heavy makeup styles and some are more boho style with the emphasis on a more natural beauty. Although don’t be fooled you still need to use all the makeup to achieve this look haha! In saying that any professional makeup artist will be able to do everything from super natural to super glam within the one bridal party.

Be social media aware! My advice when it comes to looking at pictures on social media is just being aware of filters and Photoshop apps. There are so many tools out there to ‘perfect’ images but it can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations from clients. I’ve had this conversation with so many makeup artists where we’ve been shown a picture of a celebrity or blogger or whatever and it is so filtered and photo shopped their skin doesn’t even look real! Makeup can only do so much ladies, the rest is lighting and filters/Photoshop 😉 I’m not saying I never use filters on my pictures but I never use Photoshop apps and pretend it’s the real picture. Also be aware that you can buy ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ so easily so just because someone has thousands or tens of thousands of followers don’t be fooled. Book a trial, meet them in person and see if you guys are on the same page!

Ask your friends – I think the best form of advertising is word of mouth; you just can’t pay for that! I’m always so flattered when I hear I was personally recommended, or even better when a bridesmaid from a previous wedding gets engaged and books me straight away it’s so nice! If you’re engaged and you go to a wedding, which I’m sure you will, look closely at the bridal parties makeup and how it lasts throughout the day and if you like what you see ask them who did their makeup! Then arrange your own trial and see if it works out.

Make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed and happy around your makeup artist and the same goes for your hair stylist. It’s such a big morning for you and such an intimate morning the last thing you want is any uncomfortable vibes with your hair and makeup team. You want everything to be as relaxed as possible.

Don’t be afraid to book a couple of different trials if you want to! A trial is so important to get the real feel of a makeup artist, how professional they are, if you guys get on, if you like their style and ultimately if you are happy with every aspect! In saying that if you find someone you love BOOK THEM! I literally get wedding requests every day of the week and sometimes get booked over a year in advance without a trial!

So my advice is once you have your venue booked – book ALL of your suppliers to avoid being disappointed! Your makeup is such an important part of your day – you want to look and feel amazing and you will be looking at these photos for the rest of your life!

If you have any questions please feel free to mail me on michelle@michellekinsella.com or visit my Facebook page @michellekinsellamakeup

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