Louise took Revive Active for a month, here’s what happened

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The biggest difference I found was that I had the energy to keep going for longer and none of my daily activities were affected.

Louise Sharkey, Nutritional Therapist, Vita Nutrition


I was asked by The Couch to try Revive Active for a month to see did it make any difference.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I promote wholefoods first and foremost and believe that most of our nutrients should come from foods as opposed to supplements. However, we are now faced with soil that does not have the same mineral and vitamin content as that of our grandparents. That coupled with frequent spraying of pesticides means that a lot of our foods are not as nutritionally dense as we would want or expect. One of the only options is to look to organic produce, but maybe now we have a choice.

Not only are our food sources challenged, but our busy lifestyles have led to increased stress levels personally, professionally and within the family environment. Increased stress – both emotional and physical – correlates with a decrease in absorption of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. A prime example of this is a decrease in the absorption of B vitamins, which are required not only for many enzyme activities in the body, but they are also a key function of energy production. Replacing B vitamins is particularly important during times of stress to help prevent fatigue and exhaustion.

So why do we need supplements?

At certain times, it is important to supplement in order to ensure that the body receives the nutrients it requires to function at optimum levels.  As mentioned above, the quality of food production means that there is a decrease in nutrients being available to the body. During endurance sports etc. nutrients may be used more quickly than can be replaced and therefore supplements may be of benefit.

How did my months trial of Revive Active go?

I have a healthy diet and buy organic wherever possible. I also try to limit my family’s exposure to pesticides. That said I am a mother to 5 children (that includes the husband who is the biggest child). I run my own business and the household, along with being a taxi service to various after school activities. I also train 6 days a week, so life is busy and can be stressful at times.

I started taking Revive Active a month ago. Did I find a difference? Absolutely.

I find this time of year our Vitamin D levels are probably at their lowest and after a long winter it can be hard to muster up energy levels and enthusiasm. Within 3 days I found I had more energy in the afternoon, and better concentration overall. Easter time was busy with my children off school and looking to be entertained, along with lots of house guests (which I love), I would usually be exhausted after the constant cooking and organising.

The biggest difference I found was that I had the energy to keep going for longer and none of my daily activities were affected.

During this trial period an old disc injury flared up. This meant that my exercise had to be cut back and limited. In turn this usually means that I don’t get my usual happy hormones due to a reduction in exercise which has in the past lead to me being cranky and tired. However, I believe the Revive Active helped prevent this happening.

Would I recommend Revive Active to my Clients? Yes, without a doubt. Particularly at this time of year. I would recommend taking the Revive Active for a minimum of 1 month and to get the best benefit at for at least 3 months.


If you would like more information, or to book a private consultation please contact Louise Sharkey on (086) 6504704 or find Vita-Nutrition on Facebook at @vitanutritiongalway


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