Lauren’s Favourite Neostrata products

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Nail conditioning solution

The new nail conditioning solution from Neostrata aims to improve the overall health and appearance of dry, brittle and thin nails in a matter of weeks. 

After years of Gel/Acrylic and Shellac nails I decided it was time for a break, after removal of my last shellac treatment, which I peeled off myself (very bad idea.. always get them removed professionally) I found my nails were extremely dry/flaky and brittle. A friend recommended this product to me as she had the same problem.

A concentrated blend of restorative vitamin E and AHA Aecetyl Mandelic Acid, work to promote cell retention in order to strengthen nails weakened by illness or medication, this quick drying , non-irritating solution is ideal for both men and women.

Suitable for all skin types, apply to the nails like you would a regular varnish, it can also be applied to the cuticle area at the base of the nails. Can be used up to twice daily for best results.

This product is the perfect treatment for re-building nails damaged by artificial nail enhancement or people whose nails have been left weakened by chemotherapy.


Spot Treatment Gel

Anyone who suffers from breakouts/acne needs to try this product asap!!

Whether its hormonal breakouts or something that you suffer with due to excessive oil in the skin this product is one of a kind, in my opinion!  

The spot treatment gel penetrates pores to quickly eliminate most acne blemishes and allow the skin to heal, preventing new blemishes from forming.

The gel contains Salicylic acid 2%, Mandelic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid and pro-vitamin A. These ingredients (gentle exfoliants) help remove impurities and refine pore size while a concentrated formula of pro-vitamin A (Pro-Retinol) along with blemish fighting Salicylic acid, combine to control excess oil and target troubled areas.

Clean the skin thoroughly before applying the gel, using your fingertip, cover the affected area with a thin layer, I usually apply it at night after I’ve cleansed and in the morning wash any residue off. Can be used up to three times daily.

I can honestly say it has significantly reduced the appearance of my blemishes over-night!

Neostrata’s full range of products are available in Haven Pharmacy in Barna, pop in and have a chat with one of the girls to discuss the best products for your skins needs!

Lauren x

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