How To Pack Light, Yet Stylish, For A City Break, Part 2 … by LoveJoules

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My trip to New York is getting very close, and all my clothes are packed and ready to go!

All that’s left to pack now are the other Travel Essentials – my Beauty Must-Haves, to make my trip extra special.

10. Cute eye patch and soft slippers

A necessity on the plane! It’s such a little thing but they make you 10 times more comfortable. That’s a scientific calculation by me!

11. Luggage tag and passport cover

I always travel with them because it makes my items instantly recognisable. And let’s be honest, you’re going to do that airport check-in photo, so you might as well do it with style!

12. Decent Sunglasses

It makes sense to pay a little extra for your sunnies, to make sure your eyes are protected and they don’t brake on the first day. I’m short-sighted, so mine are prescription pair from Zennioptical – which you can even customise with your own name or text!

13. Beauty must-haves

I always love having a small perfume bottle or body mist in my handbag (one that’s below the 100ml hand luggage guideline). This Blush Pink Ted Baker mist is so nice and only €4.

Nude nail polish is my go-to for travelling, as you hardly even notice when it chips. With a top coat, you’ll easily get a week out of it. My current fav is Sally Hansen in the shade ‘Devil Wears Nada’.

Facial moisturiser. I’m not one to moisturise frequently, but skin gets extra dehydrated while travelling and it’s nice to give it a protective barrier from external factors. Clinique’s new Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate is the dream for long-haul flights and sensitive skin.




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