#TheCouchBookClub: Dogman by Dav Pilkey

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Dogman definitely pushes the boundaries of good taste, but in a way that’s going to thrill kids and probably annoy adults. The whole thing is wrapped up in such silliness though that you’re going to just go with it. It’s perfect for kids who like comics aged 6 – 11.


The 6-year-old’s review: “It was funny and he tells lots of poop jokes! It’s about a dog superhero who’s a REAL hero because he saves the day every single time. He always gets in trouble with the Chief but then he saves the day by himself. I like the pictures too.”

The Mum’s observation: “He laughed out loud all he way through it, and chose it over Minecraft. Total win! The best bit for me was the pride on his little face when he finished his first chapter book all by himself.”

Clare (the mum)


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