The Ultimate Electric Picnic Survival Guide

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Electric Picnic will always have a special place in my heart. It’s where my boyfriend and I met five years ago, and we’ve been making the annual pilgrimage together each September since.

At this stage I guess you could say I’m a seasoned Picnicer, and it’s honestly my favourite place! If you’re preparing for the festival, I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned with my Ultimate Survival Guide:

1. Pack light on toiletries – you will need much less than you think and remember everything you bring has to be carried on your back! Baby wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser, dry shampoo (and maybe something to mask your smell by day three) are essentials; everything else can stay at home. Oh and bring your own toilet roll. Better to be looking at it than looking for it, as they say!

2. Your tent will be your place of refuge for the weekend so make sure you get it right. Pitching uphill and upwind from the portaloos are key. And be absolutely positive you have enough pegs and haven’t left the outer covering at home. (Yes… this happened).

3. Essentials for inside the tent: Pillow case (stuff it with a jumper and voilà.) A torch (late night hunts for the portaloos are much more enjoyable when not stumbling across guy lines!) And when you need some shut-eye ear plugs and sleeping mats are your friend.

4. Anticipate long queues and avoid these where you can. It’s worth bringing enough cash to see you through the weekend (in case of emergency throw some in a ziplock bag and bury it in an easy-to-remember part of your bag). I’d also recommend picking up a power pack for your phone.

5. Don’t underestimate the weather. Layers are key when packing for all seasons. Always bring a rain jacket (bin bags make a pretty good substitute for the less fashion foreword). And don’t forget sun cream! A hangover tempered with sunburn can be a cruel mistress.

6. Food is expensive. Bananas, health bars and nuts are always a good idea. Balanced breakfast sorted before you’ve even mustered up the strength to apply foundation!

7. Sun glasses will save you. For those of us that couldn’t be arsed with elaborate eye make-up three days on the trot.  

8. GOLDEN RULE: don’t bring anything you couldn’t bare to lose / see drown in mud or plummet down a portaloo to the point of no return.

9. HYDRATE(!) A three day festival is a marathon not a sprint. Nobody wants to peak too soon and be put to tent before the night has even begun.

10. There are so many places to explore so don’t snooze through daytime activities! Body&Soul, Mindfield and Trailer Park are my favourite areas. Oh, and don’t miss the Salty Dog Stage!


Most of all enjoy it, believe me it gets better every year!





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