The Couch Q&A: No 6 – Louise Sharkey

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Louise Sharkey set up Vita-Nutrition to advise clients on evidence based nutrition.


Our lives today are so full of noise. We are constantly bombarded with healthy food advice, which can be incorrect, and therefore misleading. There is genuine confusion about what is healthy and what is not. For example, certain protein bars promote themselves as healthy but if you look at the amount of sugar in them, they are far from a healthy choice. Yes the protein will keep you full for longer, but the amount of sugar with help build fat around your middle!


Vita-Nutrition will launch a 4-week online programme in October which will focus on how to eat more whole foods. There will be lots of easy-to-follow meal plans & shopping lists plus tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of traditional dieting. There is no better time to get yourself feeling healthier and prepare your body for the winter months.


If you’d like to find out more about Vita Nutrition or any of the Programmes on offer, visit




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