Chokers & Bolos – with Love Joules

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Chokers and bolos are a very 90s throwback – I still remember the tattoo-style stretchy choker I had when I was very young or the cool bolo that the actress wore in Relic Hunter (I thought it was the coolest thing ever)!

When they came back into fashion recently, they’ve been given a lot fresher and versatile look. There are so many colours and patterns and they’re no longer worn just by artsy people or goths!


At my very first meeting with the girls at The Couch, I wore this white top with a black bolo around my neck. I’ve had it for over a year and I still keep coming back to it and the girls loved the combo too!



I feel like the opinion on this trend is quite divided so let me make my case… It’s an easy way to look stylish and injecting a little bit of personality into your outfit without going overboard. I always love making a little bit of a fashion statement but don’t enjoy spending ages in front of the mirror trying to figure out what to wear.

It’s also such an inexpensive, no-fuss way to give your old outfits a make-over.




There’s also something about them that optically elongates your neck and somehow makes you hold your posture a bit better! I feel like they work best with an outfit or a top that’s quite plain, but I can totally see them paired with a floral dress too. To me, they suit both a dressy and a casual situation. Can’t go wrong, really!

Black bolo from Flea Style, Black Ribbon Choker is New Look and other chokers are Primark.




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