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Exclusive €10 Off For The Couch Followers

Lash Luv Eyelash (Call: 0852487390) & Monika will give €10 off to customers if they mention “The Couch” while booking a Full Set Only of lashes during this month of October.

Yvonne’s Review: As someone with short, fair, stumpy lashes I have always been fascinated by eyelash extensions and even tried them a couple of times a few years ago but the experience left me irritated and with bald spots in my lash line. Mainly because the large clumps of glue used bothered me so much I picked at them, eventually pulling my own lashes out with them.

So, I promised myself never to try it again, ever. But, then I heard about Monika in Lash Luv. All I ever seemed to hear was “go to Monika” when I was grumbling to friends in Galway about my lack of lash. So I bit the bullet and went for it.

I clicked on their website www.lashluvby.com and selected the most natural treatment, 2D Lashes. Then I choose my “Lash Master” Monika from the list of employees, I picked my appointment time & paid a €40 deposit via PayPal (full cost is €95). It is recommended that you drop in for a patch test 24hrs before.

I turned up for my appointment a little concerned that I might have a similar experience as before and end up baldy eyed but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was guided by Monika into a lovely treatment room and offered a blanket. Monika said “Goodnight” to encourage me to sleep or at least relax deeply. In total it took an hour and a half to complete although you are asked to put two hours aside.

I was gobsmacked at how natural they looked and more importantly, felt. I could not feel any glue or attachment to my own lashes. She asked me to only use oil free make up cleanser like Simply. To not use mascara and try to stay away from putting any make up too near the lashes, which I did (mostly). Mine lasted a couple of weeks but they can last up to 6 weeks if you take great care with them & I never noticed I was wearing them at all. I did miss using my usual oily make up cleanser and I was still tempted to wear mascara on a night out, but the joy of having dark lovely lashes first thing in the morning was such a treat it was all worth it & that’s what they are really, a treat.

So if you fancy treating yourself then Monika is the woman to go to in Galway.

Yvonne x


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